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Apple Crop Insurance Outline

Insurable Crop and Eligibility Requirements:

  • The apple acreage must have produced at least 10 bins/250 loose field boxes per acre in the most recent past.
  • Acreage must be irrigated

Insured Causes of Loss-Basic Policy:

  • Fruitset failure caused by adverse weather, or loss of production due to frost, freeze, rain, wind, hail, earthquake, or unavoidable failure of the irrigation water supply during the insurance period.  Production to count will be all harvestable apples grading "cider" or better.
  • Fancy or Better Option Amendment:  for additional premium adds coverage for reduction in grade due to hail.  Also reduces production to count for harvestable apples knocked to the ground by wind or frozen while on the tree.

Apple Production Guarantee:

  • Guarantee is based on the average of delivered apple production from the acreage for as many as the past 5 crop years.

IMPORTANT:  The last day to sign up for Apple Insurance is January 31

Protect your hard-earned investments in growing Apples!
Insure against poor weather and grow with peace of mind!

To find out how the Apple Crop Insurance can really
Work for you; gather your delivered production
Records for up to 10 years and contact Agro Crop Insurance Agency today!

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