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Citrus Crop Insurance Outline

Insurable Crop and Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any adverse weather resulting in lack of production or damage which prevents production from being marketed as fresh packed citrus; i.e. freeze, frost, hail, excessive heat, wind or rain.
  • Wildlife: Birds or non-domesticated animals.
  • Fire, earthquake, and direct medfly damage.
  • Failure of the irrigation water supply source occurring after December 1.

Insurable Crop and Acreage Qualifications:

  • Irrigated acreage only.
  • Citrus types in the county actuarial, ie., oranges, lemons, tangelos, etc.
  • Trees must have reached 6th growing season after being set out.

Production Guarantee:

  • Guarantee is based on the average of total past actual production history of packed cartons of fresh citrus fruit.

Coverage Levels:

50%     55%     60%     65%     70%     75%

Price Elections Per Carton - 100% Maximum Price by type:

IMPORTANT:  The last day to sign up for Citrus Insurance is November 20

Protect your hard-earned investments in growing Citrus
Insure against poor weather and grow with peace of mind!

To find out how the Citrus Crop Insurance can really
Work for you; gather your delivered production
Records for up to 10 years and contact Agro Crop Insurance Agency today!

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