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Grape Crop Insurance Outline

Insurable Crop and Eligibility Requirements:

  • The vines must have reached 4th growing season after being set out or 3rd year after grafting.
  • Acreage must have minimum average yield of 2 tons per acre
  • Growers can select which grape varieties they want to insure.  Growers can insure any or all varieties, but must insure all acres of any variety selected in the county on which they receive a share of the crop.
  • When vineyards are rented on a crop share, either the landlord or operator, or both, can insure their share % in the crop.

Insured Causes of Loss:

  • Any Unavoidable loss of production, or damage, or poor quality resulting from any adverse weather conditions such as; frost, freeze, cool wet weather, wind hail, excessive heat, or rain.  Or damage from birds, earthquakes, or fire.
  • Insects and plant disease if proper application of control measures are affected by adverse weather.

Grape Production Yield Guarantee:

  • Yield guarantee is based on the average of harvested and total delivered production from the acreage for up to the past 10 crop years.  Total delivered production means toms for any use.
  • For young vineyards or those with less than four years production records, the average yield will be established by inspection and county average yields for similar vineyards.
  • The maximum coverage available is 75% of the approved average yield as established by verifiable production records from the vineyard.  50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, and 70% coverage levels are also available.
  • Unit guarantee:  Actual insurance coverage is by unit, not by acre.  The per acre guarantee (coverage level % x average yield per acre) multiplied by the number of acres in the grape variety block or vineyard equals the unit guarantee.

Insurance Units:

  • Each grape variety will be a separate unit.
  • Owned or cash rented vineyards of the same variety that are not separated by land owned by other people, will be considered all one unit for insurance.
  • Vineyards of the same variety rented on a crop share, and vineyards that are separated by land owned by other people, can be separate insurance units.

Price Elections:  By Variety, and By Crush Report District

  • Grower chooses one price per variety to be paid for each ton of loss below the unit guarantee.
  • Prices vary by variety and crush district.

IMPORTANT:  The last day to sign up for Grape Insurance is January 31

Protect your hard-earned investments in growing Grapes!
Insure against poor weather and grow with peace of mind!

To find out how the Grape Crop Insurance can really
Work for you; gather your delivered production
Records for up to 10 years and contact Agro Crop Insurance Agency today!

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