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Stonefruit Crop Insurance Outline:
Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines

Insured Causes of Loss:

  • Any Adverse weather resulting in damage to the bloom, poor pollination, lack of production, or damage to the fruit on the tree: such as cold we weather, frost, wind, hail excessive or rain.
  • Crop damage due to disease or insects directly caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Wildlife, birds, earthquake or fire.

Not Insurable Against:

  • Damage due to insects, or disease not caused by weather.
  • Inability to harvest, deliver, or market the fruit for any reason except damage to the fruit by one or more of the insured causes of loss.

Insurable Crop and Acreage Qualifications:

  • Stonefruit trees must have reached the 5th growing season after being set out.
  • Acreage must have produced at least 2.2 tons per acre for processing types, or 200 lugs per acre for fresh market types.
  • Growers must insure all eligible acres of stonefruit types elected in the county in which they receive a share of the crop.  When orchards are rented on a crop share, either the landlord or operator, or both, can insure their share in the crop.

Production Guarantee:

  • The guarantee is based on the average of past delivered production for up to the past 10 years from the orchard to be insured to determine the average yield per acre.
  • Verifiable records must be provided to establish the actual average yield; tons for canning, freezing, drying, or juice for processing types; or marketing lugs for fresh market types.
  • The maximum coverage level available is 75% of the approved average yield for the orchard.  50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, and 70% coverage levels also available.
  • Unit guarantee.  Actual insurance coverage is by unit, not by acre.  The unit guarantee is the per acre yield multiplied by the coverage level % multiplied by the number of acres in the stonefruit insurance unit.

Price Elections - For Stonefruit By Type - Maximum

Grower chooses only one price election by type insured at time of application.  The price elected will be the amount paid for each ton or lug of loss below the unit guarantee.

IMPORTANT:  The last day to sign up for Stonefruit Insurance is January 31

Protect your hard-earned investments in growing tree fruit!
Insure against poor weather and grow with peace of mind!

To find out how the Stonefruit Crop Insurance can really
Work for you; gather your delivered production
Records for up to 10 years and contact Agro Crop Insurance Agency today!

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